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September 27, 2009


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Becky Livingston

Hi Rick,
I'd really like this job to be for me. I love writing. Have a journalism and communications background. I write a blog for corporate creatives because I just don't get the chance to really write in the corporate environment (http://corporatecreatives.blogspot.com/). I love the whole social media thing and am expanding my horizons in this space through courses at New York University and teaching on the side. We're connected in several SM circles. Drop me a Tweet if you want to chat.
Becky Livingston


Becky, your link doesn't work.

Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog Corporate Creatives does not exist.

The irony is hard to ignore!

David Meerman Scott


I'm betting you can find a journalist. More and more journos have their own blogs (either private blogs or ones associated with the media company they work for).

It is YOUR job to find someone highly qualified for this role. My challenge to you is to not settle for anything but someone with the skills of a journalist.

I think your bigger challenge will be finding someone who understands the difference between inbound marketing & outbound marketing. But you can teach that I suppose.


Rick Burnes

David, thanks for the push!

You're right.

We shouldn't settle for anybody but somebody with the skills of a journalist. I hope we can do that. I will be hard.

Frank Reed


I have written for you in the past and have always liked your product. Might be worth a discussion but I will leave that up to you.

Frank Reed

Mj Ces

I am not a journalist, but I have a Journalism degree and I know some people who are working in that field.

I agree that there are journalists who do not know how the web works. They merely write their articles, submit them and then prepare to work on their next article. Because why should they worry about the intricacies of the web (or the printing press for that matter) if there are other people designated to worry about them.

The internet has brought down most newspapers and many of them are moving their business online. Could this be a case of people not keeping up to date with the times?

That is why there is a great incentive for those who reinvent themselves, who keep on learning new stuff. They do not go the way of the dinosaurs and just go extinct without a fight.

Rochelle Rietow

Just came across this while researching to find the right fit to help with our company's content marketing initiatives. We are considering hiring a journalist, and these are great points to keep in mind!

By not knowing any journalists personally and having a passion for content marketing, it didn't even cross my mind that a journalist may consider leaving a news org to work for a company "selling out!" I will definitely stress the production of high- quality content that educates, challenges, and informs in the job description...

Thanks for the insight :)

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