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April 19, 2009


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Stuart Foster

That is a massive amount of leads to come in through a blog. I'd imagine that the Website Grader and Twitter Grader provide more though. I'm curious though, which provides more?

Rick Burnes

Hi Stuart, I'm afraid I don't know exactly what the WSG and TG leads are. It's a lot, though...

Alma Gray

I am a strong proponent of content marketing, particularly regarding organic optimization efforts. BTW--caught your appearance at eMarketing Conference in Cleveland today, great stuff! I felt like jumping up and saying you're preaching to the choir (at least in my case).

Rick Burnes

Thanks for the nice note, Alma -- we need to make the choir bigger!

Anne Holland

Rick - I've made a good living on both sides of the content business. First, at MarketingSherpa we had a multimillion dollar business selling our reports, access to a case study library online, etc. We didn't take any ads at all. After I sold Sherpa (and got off non-compete) I launched my next online publication, http://www.WhichTestWon.com. It's for the same marketplace, professional marketers with an Internet bent, but it's 100% sponsor supported. Which is better as a business model? I'm not sure there's one single right answer. Some types of content do better free and some do better behind premium barriers.

The only thing I do know is, no matter which business model, your content has to be extremely high quality because there's just too much crud flooding the world right now. And quality is a lot of hard work that most people don't understand or want to bother with.

My .02 cents.

Rick Burnes

Hi Anne, I completely agree w/ your conclusion: you need to produce high-quality content to rise above all the crud floating around.

However, the content I'm talking about above is not content for sale, or content to be monetized with sponsors -- it's content that's meant to attract people to a web site where a certain percentage will purchase a product related to the content. That's inbound marketing. It's marketing by pulling people into your site w/ high quality content, rather than banging them over the head with your message.

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